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7 LED Lighting Myths and Facts

SEPCO 10/10/18 10:00 AM
LED Edison Bulbs

LED Edison Bulbs


When it comes to commercial LED lighting, there are a lot of rumors going around out there about what LED lighting is, how it works, and its benefits. Like any relatively new product, opinions are formed based on both facts and fiction.


It is important to know the truth about LED lighting before making any decisions regarding business lighting needs. Here are some truths and some unfortunate myths swirling about LED lighting.


LED is Too Expensive (MYTH)

Well, it depends on the buyer’s perspective. If the concern is an upfront cost, then yes, LED can be a bit of an expensive investment. However, if long-term expenditures are considered, then LED becomes far less costly. LED requires far less energy to light the room, and once the initial installation is complete, no bulbs will need to be purchased and replaced.


LED Lasts Forever (MYTH)

Not all LED lights last into eternity. While many make the claim of 40,000 – 50,000 hours, it can be hard to prove that yet. Some LED lights are unfortunately lower quality and the circuit boards powering them can give out. However, there are some LED lights that have been around since the 1960s that are still holding their own. We will have to hold judgment on the claims of extreme hour production, but many signs point to those numbers being accurate.


LED is Better for the Environment (TRUTH)

LED lighting does not contain the ultra-harmful mercury that CFL bulbs or fluorescent bulbs do. When those bulbs are broken, that mercury leaks its way into the environment and potentially the water supply. Not to mention the obvious benefits of less energy consumption, especially in a large commercial setting. LED is absolutely better for the environment.


LED Warehouse Lights


LED Lights Look Weird (MYTH)

LED lighting comes in a variety of displays now. There was a time when LED lighting was limited due to the shape and size of the bulbs, but those times are gone. Virtually any presentation is possible now with LED lighting. Businesses can design without pause, given the flexibility of LED lighting.


LED Lighting is Ridiculously Bright (MYTH)

LED lighting has options for any commercial lighting need. From ultra-bright to the light a candle would emit, there truly is no limitation for LED lights.


LED Comes in Many Colors and Hues (TRUTH)

Do not listen to the rumors out there saying LED only comes in blue light. LED comes in a variety of colors and perfectly white light as well. Gone are the times when LED always had a “hint of blue”.


LED is Bad for the Eyes (MYTH)

Reports stating that blue light can cause sleep interruptions have led some to believe that LED light exposure can be bad for you. While staring at the TV, computer, or phone before bed does seem to cause difficulty with sleep, LED light does not emit nearly as much blue light as those products do. In fact, the sun emits the bluest light and sun exposure has no links to sleep deprivation.


As you can see, there are a variety of thoughts on LED lighting out there. Many of the statements aimed at decrying the benefits of LED are easily proven false. LED light has come a long way from its original limits and has staked claim to the most efficient, quality lighting available today. The options abound, and there is a perfect LED setup for every commercial setting.