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Achieving Energy Efficiency Starts At Home

SEPCO 1/16/14 9:30 AM

Energy security has been a major issue in the world market today. The increasing folds of excessive energy demand from the society have been largely affect nations that rely on imported oil. A fresh new outlook towards energy consumption is believed to be one of the effective solutions aside from green energy investments today.


GoGreenDriveThroughTheFuturReducing energy allows you to save money by cutting cost from excess consumption. Large companies that have established a name for themselves in the industry have been producing household equipment that is proven to be more economical and environmental friendly. Cutting energy consumption by shifting to greener alternative production of electricity diminishes pollution both land and air.

Thinking of shifting to renewable energy systems for you home? The initial step you should make is to lessen the energy that you use through efficiency measure. A good example of these is the following:

Electronic Equipments and Appliances

Various brands such as Panasonic, LG, and Samsung etc. are a few providers of energy efficient machines and appliances that increasingly aim to reduce the use of power derived from fossil fuel. These innovations aim to lessen the pollution that is being contributed into the environment thus, reducing the causes for climate change.

Electric Heating and Cooling Systems

Passive solar panels are the most common solution towards diminishing the use of electricity produce from petrol. These panels utilizes and converts the heat of the sun into a sustainable power source that allows your heating and cooling system to run smoothly as the ones that run from fossil fuel.

Green energy companies that produce solar panels specifically incorporate concepts that are appropriate for your home. Proper insulation and air seals are applied to make it more efficient and eco-friendly.

CFL Lights and Alternative Lighting Solutions

Low energy light bulb or compact fluorescent lighting provides ample amounts of lights and uses 1/5 to 1/3 of the electrical power in our homes. It can help you save money and significantly reduces electricity cost due to the fact that these lights have a longer life span than an ordinary light bulb. In many countries, they have established recycling schemes and glass the generally benefits the environment and reduces that contribution leading to climate change.

Conducting energy audits aids you in pin pointing the most effective ways to reduce energy consumption in your homes, offices etc. The main purpose of applying this process is to give you a proper assessment on where an excessive energy problem originates in your homes. Once the solution is applied, it will allow you to save money over time and reduce the impact that you cause towards changes in our climate.

When planning on conserving energy resources, our nation as well as the environment can enjoy a healthy environment. Green house gas emissions are widely cause by the unwarranted utilization of power that is derived from fossil fuels.

Homeowners can save energy while improving their way of life without affecting the comfort level that they have been accustomed to. By simply updating features to improve one’s energy efficiency at home; the utilization of green power significantly lessens the amount of green carbon footprint that we leave behind. Investing in green technologies is one thing, but starting at home is another. Whatever choice you make, the change begins with you and the rest would fall into place.

About the Author: Dea David is an Environmental blogger and believer of imparting global awareness with regards to global warming and environmental sustainability issues. In her capacity as a writer for Poly2Petro, she hopes to help create an awareness for the public's understanding of plastic recycling (and its current failures in our society today), if only in a small way.

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