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Advantages of Solar Lighting for Businesses

SEPCO 2/1/23 4:40 AM
Advantages of Solar Lighting for Businesses
Advantages of Solar Lighting for Businesses

Growing businesses must find ways to remain competitive in their markets. Electrical utility costs can be deceivably high for businesses, and those costs are simply unavoidable. One of the easiest ways to alleviate these costs is with commercial LED solar lights that provide renewable energy without relying on the power grid, but the virtually inexhaustible resource of solar energy. At SEPCO, we offer an array of LED solar lighting options to help you efficiently and cost-effectively illuminate your commercial spaces.


Businesses can take advantage of solar LED lighting systems that convert direct sunlight into energy, saving thousands of dollars per year on the costs of traditional power. The various benefits associated with the use of solar lighting for businesses include:


Lower-cost illumination

Although there are upfront costs with the installation of solar lighting, these costs are easily recovered over time. In addition, there are often federal, state, and local financial incentives available for the usage of commercial solar power systems which can provide additional cost savings during startup.


Affordable Designs

The engineering of commercial LED solar lights for businesses is relatively inexpensive compared to the trenching and line running required to connect standard electrical lighting to the grid. Even with the installation of poles, there are no underground conduits that must be run between the poles from the primary source of power.


Virtually Maintenance-free Operation

LED solar lights often have a lifespan of two decades or more and are virtually maintenance-free after installation. General upkeep of commercial LED solar lights involves battery replacement every 5 to 7 years, checking the light fixture and solar panel glass at that time, and cleaning any of those components as needed.


Immune from Power Outages

With solar lighting, you can continue to receive illumination of your spaces even when the electricity goes out.


For information about the commercial LED solar lights we offer at SEPCO, call us today at 772.220.6615 or use our online form to request a quote.