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Top Green Traveling Bloggers

Posted by SEPCO | 9/4/12 9:30 AM

Green topics in the blogosphere are all the rage right now, and with good reason; given that efforts towards sustainability help ourselves, each other and our planet, it's no wonder that the entire movement is seen as positive and in fashion!

Green Blogging

One green niche particularly popular among writers and readers alike is that of travel. Because the very act of traveling tends to cause extra waste, working to combine your environmentally-aware attitude with your love of visiting locales around the world can be difficult, to say the least. Luckily green traveling is huge and it does make huge difference! Almost 50% of European business travelers say their company’s environmental policies have a direct impact on their traveling decisions and according to Diane Williams from Allinclusiveresorts.net, 70% of people who travel prefer green hotels.

Find support, ideas and insight into the act of earth-friendly globetrotting with the help of any one of these top green travelling bloggers

1. Green Travel UK

Green Travel UK

With a tag line of "Less Carbon, More Fun," you know you've come to the right place for green travel tips and ideas as soon as you land on the home page of the Green Travel UK website. With content offered by 17 professional contributors, Green Travel focuses on helping its readers to see the world without the need for commercial air travel or resource-hungry accommodations. From tree house-centric vacation plans to deals on ferry and train tickets, getting around Europe has never been so ecologically friendly and affordable.

2. The Ethical Traveler

Ethical Traveller

After writing a green travel editorial column in an Irish newspaper for four years, Catherine Mack took her journalistic skills to the web in an effort to enlighten people on the many eco-friendly travel opportunities to be found in Europe and around the world; the Ethical Traveler Blog was born. With each entry focusing on a particular event or vacation opportunity in a specific setting, Mack continuously offers an in-depth look at what it means to travel the Earth with the Earth in mind.

3. Green Travel Blog

Green Travel Blog

Focusing less on location and more on what each individual traveler can do to ensure that their globetrotting endeavors are colored green, the Green Travel Blog gives its readers hints and tips aimed at ensuring every aspect of their trip, from transportation to accommodations, is as energy efficient as possible.

On the locale side of things, Green Travel Blog offers a view of locations around the world, often focusing on adventurous safaris and tropical vacations, making for very interesting reading for those looking far from home for their travel plans.

4. Sustainable Travel International

Sustainable Travel Logo

When authority in journalism is important, the blog of Sustainable Travel International brings an excellent team of writers and more than six years of experience in the niche, delivering a wide array of articles that cover everything from how to choose an eco-aware hotel to what it takes to turn your vacation into a pursuit in green tactics. Also offered in this blog is a look at excellent opportunities for combining tourism with conservationism, helping you to make a difference during your time abroad without the hassles associated with planning from scratch.

5. Traveling Naturally

Traveling Naturally

Offering a North American-centric view as opposed to the highly European focused blogs mentioned above, Traveling Naturally is another well-established writer's platform to discuss everything to do with environmentally aware travel, from the way you get to your destination to the food you eat while you're there.

Particularly helpful for those traveling throughout the United States and Canada, Traveling Naturally offers tips on local events and unique tourism opportunities, often combining information on how to get officially involved while they're at it.

6. National Geographic Adventure Blog

National Geographic Adventure Blog

If sustainability is on your priority list alongside the need for adventure, the National Geographic Adventure Blog is the online spot for you! Instead of focusing its articles through a green lens, this is the one blog on this list that puts remote adventure first with environmental issues a natural evolution of shirking norms in travel. Discover how you can visit the snowy Andes or the great African savannah, all with out-of-the-box thinking and accommodations that will suit even the greenest of minds.

Annie is the green geek blogging at DIY gadgets.

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