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Solar Accessories: New Age Technology For Buyers

SEPCO 9/12/13 9:30 AM

Solar AccessoriesThe role of technology Ever since we discovered fire and invented the wheel, we have always used technology to reduce workload and ease the pains of everyday living. With mechanization and the advent of electricity, most of our enervating chores are carried out without physical discomfort. But with more and more gadgets for our daily needs and leisure, our dependence on power has increased manifold. Not only is this burning a hole in our pockets, it is also wrecking short and long-term damage to our environment.

More than 85% of all primary energy on earth comes from fossil fuels. Life today is impossible to imagine without electrical light, heating and cooling, cars and other means of mechanized transport, telecommunication, electronic entertainment, home appliances, computers and the internet. Everything is available with the turn of a switch. And this comfort comes with a price tag. Renewable energy sources for sustainable power generation and development are the only options in a world where fossil fuels are dwindling fast.

Green technology is a rapidly growing research field and an important industry. Solar energy, photovoltaics, efficient machines, vehicles that run on renewable energy, solar architecture, solar accessories for sale and biotechnology are areas that modern science is looking at today to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and to save the fragile ecology of our planet. All this is being done in the hope that: present material needs are met without compromising the ability of future generation to meet theirs created products can be fully re-cycled or re-used waste, by-products and polluting emissions may be minimized alternative technologies would emerge to render obsolete existing environmentally hazardous practices, and economic activities are created around technologies and products that benefit the environment and create new careers that protect our mother earth.

Why use solar accessories?

The sun has been worshipped since ancient times as a symbol of power. Lately, we have begun to tap the wealth of the sun and the energy it supplies the world. Since this energy is absolutely free and readily available every day year round, it makes sense to make use of it.

Besides, solar energy is something we can use in our day-to-day appliances most easily. There are several solar accessories for sale that, for a one-time cost of installation, vastly reduces our electricity bill over years and years. The world is gradually turning to green energy and solar power is all the rage because it is clean technology providing efficient energy using photovoltaics – often integrated into solar architecture composed of solar panels. Solar vehicles are now more common and promote green living as they perform their own solar power generation. It is now possible to buy solar panels wholesale from many outlets and also the internet.

Harnessing the sun

Solar power is generated by converting sunlight into electricity mainly by using photovoltaics. Photovoltaics use light to free electrons from crystals such as silicon or germanium in which electrons are normally immobile. These electrons, when freed, move in a certain direction and produce a negative charge. As long as there is any form of light falling on two disparate crystals, within the photovoltaic material, the displacement of the electrons creates energy. Light is transformed into usable energy to operate all kinds of electrical gadgets. It was in the 1980s that the first commercial concentrated solar power plants came up. Now, a wide range of solar accessories for sale can be used in our own homes and workplaces. For a mind-boggling range of solar accessories for sale go to: http://www.trendhunter.com/slideshow/solar-powered-accessories

Although the sun is more than 90 million miles from earth, sunlight crosses the distance to the earth in less than 10 minutes. Every day more solar energy falls to the earth’s surface than what the entire population can use up in 27 years!

On a time scale:

  • the first time solar energy was exploited deliberately was 2700 years ago when glass lenses were used to magnify sun rays to make fire
  • Albert Einstein won the Noble Prize in Physics in 1921 for his theory on the photoelectric effect
  • the first solar accessories for sale appeared in 1956
  • high-tech utilization started back in 1958, when we started operating spaceships on solar power
  • the first practical solar cell was developed by Bell Labs in 1954. It cost $250 to produce 1 watt of energy.

Today, half the solar panels produced worldwide are used to power homes in Japan.


  • The largest solar power plant in the world is located in the Mojave Desert in California and is spread over 1000 acres.
  • The largest solar electric plant is in Germany, a country with half the solar resource of the United States.

Comparison-wise, the total amount of fossil fuels used by mankind since the beginning of civilization is equal to just 30 days of sunshine. The production of 1 kilowatt of solar energy compares to burning 170 pounds of coal... which releases 300 pounds of carbon dioxide. Demand for solar items is currently greater than the supply. And yet, it is high time you switched over to clean, free sun power. Do your bit for the planet and feel good about it. Look through the internet for solar accessories for sale.

Bill Michaels is a powerhouse of information on alternative energy sources for sustainable and eco-friendly living. Michaels is an advocate of new ideas and innovations. He is an avid commentator on how we can use technology to save our planet. Here, Michaels endorses solar accessories for homes.