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6 Reasons LED Lights Are Becoming the Go To Option

Posted by SEPCO on 4/26/16 10:00 AM

LED Lights are gaining popularity for many reasons. Here is a quick rundown of what makes them the go to option.

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Pros & Cons Solar Powered Lights

Posted by SEPCO on 4/19/16 10:00 AM


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Why Solar Is Always A Good Investment In Your Business

Posted by SEPCO on 4/12/16 10:02 AM

Contemplating the investment in solar power for your business can be utterly daunting. Between the initial expense and worry over whether it will pay off, you might be stressed about making the best choice as a business owner. But did you know that every 10 seconds, the sun generates enough energy to power everything on our planet. Letting your business tap into this unlimited, free power source is one of the smartest business choices you can make—and it’s a win for the future of our planet, too. Here at Modernize, we’re passionate about helping people live a more eco-friendly lifestyle—here are the top reasons why investing in solar is a strategic move for your business. 

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13 Great Reasons to Use Solar Power and Solar Lighting

Posted by SEPCO on 3/29/16 10:00 AM

Ever wonder why solar is a great alternative to standard grid electric? Let's look at 13 great reasons to use solar power and solar lighting systems over traditional electric.

1. Green – Solar is green. Green is the new black. Enough said. Green energy is totally the new rage, but it is also a way to look out for the future of our planet and reduce our impact.

2. Renewable – Solar is a renewable energy source. The sun is always present and even the cloudiest days, there is a bit of insolation available for the solar panels to soak up.

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The Dollars and Sense of Solar Powered Security Lights

Posted by SEPCO on 3/7/16 10:00 AM

The use of solar lighting technology can be a great advantage to businesses and other properties where lighting is required; however, power is difficult to aquire or unavailable. Solar technology allows the use of the sun's rays to store energy for lighting during the dark hours. At night, the light operates off the stored power and provides lighting for the required application. 

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Solar Lighting Design: Lighting Zones Part 2

Posted by SEPCO on 3/1/16 10:00 AM

Next best thing to address is how to select a specific lighting zone for an area. Different areas fall into different lighting zones and each has their own set of instructions for lighting design requirements. This will go over these different set of definitions and help understand what area fits into what lighting zone.

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Solar Lighting Design: Lighting Zones Part 1

Posted by SEPCO on 2/23/16 10:00 AM

When designing outdoor lighting requirements, there is a factor that doesn’t seem to get talked about much, lighting zones. These zones are used to help determine how much light is required for a specific area. These are broken up into 5 different zones:

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Why We Love Solar Powered Area Lights (And You Should, Too!)

Posted by SEPCO on 2/16/16 10:00 AM

Solar powered area lights provide light for so many different applications. Some are for security that is on motion; some are marker lights along a pathway; some even are used for areas that are darker and prone to issues. With different options available, and customizable features, solar powered area light can be used for multiple applications.

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Topics: Solar Lighting, Security Lighting, Area Lighting

Solar Lighting Design Guide – Complete The System

Posted by SEPCO on 2/9/16 10:00 AM

Part 6 of the solar lighting design guide is putting it all together and completing the system. The complete system works together to operate exactly as expected. As you can probably tell by this point, there are many factors that are taken into consideration when providing a complete system and each part is required to determine what is exactly required for every project.

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Solar Lighting Design Guide – Determine Power Assembly

Posted by SEPCO on 2/2/16 10:00 AM

Part 5 of the solar lighting design guide is about determining the power assembly. Now that you know what area of coverage you are requiring by determining the lumen requirements for the project, as well as the required operation profile, it is time to determine what size solar power assembly will be required. This is determined by a simple calculation after some additional information is gathered.

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