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Simple Solar Lighting and Power Facts – Why to Size for Worst Case

Posted by SEPCO on 2/14/17 10:00 AM


Sizing up a solar lighting or power system can be a difficult task. There are two major ways for getting all the calculations correct for two completely different types of systems; grid tied and off grid. Understanding the way your system will operate will make sure you get the correct information to size the system properly.

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Topics: Solar Lighting, Solar Power, Solar Lighting Design

Simple Solar Lighting and Power Facts – Solar Outside the Sun Belt

Posted by SEPCO on 2/7/17 10:00 AM


Solar power assemblies are installed all over the world for lighting and power configurations. Solar sized properly can be installed in almost any location. Solar installations inside the Sun Belt are more efficient and require much less power since there is more available sun as well as shorter nights, but that does not mean that solar cannot be used outside the Sun Belt.

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Topics: Solar Lighting, Solar Power, Solar Lighting Design, Installation

Simple Solar Lighting and Power Facts – How the Lights Turn On & Off?

Posted by SEPCO on 1/31/17 10:00 AM


The basic controls of a solar light system are, for the most part, quite simple. The solar lights turn on at dusk and off at dawn if using dusk to dawn configuration, or turn on at dusk and operate according to the preset configurations. We wanted to cover exactly how the solar lights understand when dusk and dawn is by breaking it down.


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Simple Solar Lighting and Power Facts – How Does Shade Affect Solar?

Posted by SEPCO on 1/24/17 10:00 AM


How does shade affect solar? This one should be a simple answer, right? Well yes and no. Shade will render solar inoperable while it is being shaded; however, systems can be oversized to take advantage of times when it is not shaded. But the general consensus is trim trees, place the solar in the sunniest location possible, and keep it out of the shade.


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Simple Solar Lighting and Power Facts – What is a Sun Hour?

Posted by SEPCO on 1/17/17 10:00 AM

We wanted to start the New Year off with some basic facts on solar lighting and power systems. These will explain how the systems operate and basic sizing information. Understanding these few facts will allow you to better understand how solar operates and how a reliable system should operate. Let’s start off with the first fact:

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How To Solve Lighting Problems With Solar Powered LED Flood Lights

Posted by SEPCO on 12/6/16 10:10 AM

So you’ve come across some project, some area, where there is zero lighting and realize that you need to get light out there. But then you discover there is also no grid power available. What do you do? Solar powered LED flood lights may be the solution you are looking for.


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How To Create a Better Solar Street Light Specification

Posted by SEPCO on 11/8/16 10:00 AM

Before examining the means with which to create a BETTER solar street light specification, let’s start by taking a closer look at very bad solar street light specification from a recently released bid—as there is much to be learned in the process.

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Topics: General Lighting, LED Lighting, Street Lighting, Solar Lighting Design

6 Solar Power Lighting System Design Questions

Posted by SEPCO on 9/27/16 10:00 AM

We receive a tremendous amount of phone calls and emails expressing interest in our high performance off grid solar powered lighting systems. In order for our solar lighting specialists to provide a solar lighting system design and quote that will best meet the customer's needs, we need to gether additional information by posing a series of project related questions. These answers provide the information needed to provide a comprehensive solar lighting system design and quote specifically designed to meet customer's lighting needs. Project questions include: 

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Integrating Solar Landscape Flood Lights with Solar Sign Lights

Posted by SEPCO on 8/30/16 10:00 AM


There are times where signs are installed with landscaping around the sign. Integrating solar landscape flood lights with the solar sign lights is a way to showcase landscapes at night. This is an easy addition and can be sized within the same power assembly as the sign light.


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Topics: Landscape Lighting, Solar Lighting Design, Sign Lighting

Planning and Budgeting For Your Commercial Solar Lighting Project

Posted by SEPCO on 8/9/16 10:00 AM

Purchasing a good quality commercial solar lighting system can be a daunting task; the numbers alone can make you cringe. The savings are sometimes missed when you are looking at the initial costs of a project. But don’t be disconcerted, there is are ways to help budget your commercial solar lighting projects and make them more affordable. Here are a few tips that can help make or break your project.

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Topics: Solar Lighting, Solar Lighting Design

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