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Why Should You Buy a Solar Lighting or Power System?

Posted by SEPCO on 10/17/13 9:30 AM

Solar-Lighting-and-PowerThere is no better way to become eco-friendly than to invest in either solar lighting or a solar power system, but the benefits for going solar are much deeper than any environmentally responsible feelings you may have.

The first benefit is cost effectiveness. Once installed, solar implementation costs nothing to run. All of its energy is drawn from the sun and that means free energy for your commercial application. And if you are worried about the initial cost of installation, there are several tax credits and grants available from the government, that can be used to substantially lessen the initial cost.  

Since solar energy has no moving parts, maintenance to keep any solar lighting or powered device is greatly reduced. All solar panels are self contained and need no upkeep to keep them functioning at peak efficiency. The new LED fixtures last virtually forever, so they rarely or never need to be changed, and even battery technology has advanced in leaps and bounds, so that battery replacement is measured in years. All of these factors combined, result in far less maintenance than a conventional power and lighting system, and that adds up to less cost for you. 

But the biggest factor is safety. Since solar power and lighting are all self contained, there are no wires that will become dangerous if exposed. Parking lights or street lights that are damaged or run over will never have live, and potentially deadly, electrical wires exposed. Building lights will keep areas illuminated even in power outages, and if you invest in a solar power system, security lighting and perimeter cameras will always be functional. Even such things as electrically solar powered gates will  open for any emergency situation. 

Modern solar lighting or power systems are cutting edge technology that is cost effective to install, and is cost effective to use. They provide a safety margin that is second to none over any other type of electrical powered equipment, even those that are powered by portable generators. 

For any commercial application, solar energy is the way to go now and for the future, that can be installed or retrofitted economically with government incentives. It will make your business, municipality or township eco-friendly, it will allow you to conform to the latest governmental regulations, it will lower you energy bills and it will always be a safer alternative to a grid wired electrical system.

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