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7 Fun Facts About Commercial Solar Outdoor Lights

SEPCO 10/12/15 10:00 AM
Commercial Solar Outdoor Lights Cogburn Bros
Commercial Solar Outdoor Lights Cogburn Bros

1. Operate Completely Free From Grid Power

Commercial solar outdoor lights do not require any grid power at all and are completely owned by the end user. The sun charges via the solar panel during the day and operates from the solar battery at night. There is typically a minimum autonomy to ensure the batteries are not brought to zero and allow for extended bad weather operation and to ensure battery life span.


2. Owned By The End User – Not Power Company

A solar lighting system is owned only by the end user, not the power company. This allows the customer to control the purchase and work with the lighting manufactures to use fixtures that are not within the power company’s standards. With a wide range of fixtures on the market, there is always something that can fit within architectural requirements.


3. Zero Energy Bills

Since it is owned by the end user and uses no grid power, the energy bill does not exist for these lights. The systems are completely stand alone and can have a quick ROI if trenching is required to install the lights or power rates are high. The zero energy bill for lighting will allow you to redirect those funds into something more useful.


4. Practically Maintenance Free

Since the inception of LED fixtures, which have a 20+ year life span, the only maintenance required is a battery change. If the system is sized appropriately, the battery should only need to be changed every 5-7 years. Solar panels are still providing a 25+ year life span. Metal work can last as long as the system when using top grade materials such as marine grade aluminum.


5. LED Fixtures Provide Better Visibility

LED fixtures provide better lighting by directing the light where it is required. This allows for better visibility with LED fixtures as the even lighting in the area required is easily achieved with focused optics. Focused optics provide a more even lighting pattern and no bright spots surrounded by a lot of dark areas like first generation LED fixtures. The light spectrum is also easier on the eyes since it is closer to sunlight than many other lighting sources today.


6. Versatile and Adaptable To Many Applications

Solar outdoor lights are versatile and can easily adapt to many different applications with just the switch of a fixture. From large highways to small signs, and everything in between, solar lighting systems can fit just about every application. The solar power systems are easily customized to each specific project as well, from top of pole mounting to remote mounting away from the light fixtures if needed.


7. Easier Installation

Since there is no trenching of grid power, no worrying about locations too far from a power source, or destroying local infrastructure such as parking lots, roads, landscaping, etc., self-contained solar outdoor lights can be installed just about anywhere without disturbing the area.