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Why Solar Power and LED Lighting Makes a Perfect Combination

SEPCO 7/31/12 9:30 AM
Solar Power and LED Lighting

Solar Power and LED Lighting


With an increasing emphasis on sustainable energy, we are starting to focus a lot more on where our energy dollars are going and the implications they will have in the future. However, there are so many aspects of energy consumption that need to be addressed that the current focus on the big picture often prevents us from addressing our energy situation one step at a time.


If we break down our energy consumption, we find that lighting is one of our biggest issues not only because of the amount of light we require daily, but also because of the inefficiency of our current lighting solutions. It’s time to realize that traditional light sources aren’t cutting it anymore and move forward to more efficient and sustainable long term solutions.


One such solution that has been gaining a significant amount of attention recently combines the sustainable benefits of solar power with the energy efficiency of LED lighting. So what makes solar power and LED lighting the perfect combination? Let’s dig a bit deeper into the technologies behind them to find out.


The Efficiency of Solar Power

The sheer nature of solar power makes it a near perfect solution for any outdoor lighting application from parking lots to street lights. Outdoor lighting is typically only needed during the night, which leaves the daytime for obtaining solar energy that can then be converted to electrical power and used in powering our light sources overnight.


The Efficiency of LED Lighting

There are two main benefits of LED lighting when it comes to increasing efficiency and cutting costs. The first is that LEDs use far less energy than any previous lighting option, helping to curb energy consumption significantly. Secondly, the efficiency of LED lighting requires them to be replaced far less frequently, saving on maintenance expenses.


The Power of Both

The benefits of solar power could be totally negated if implemented with inefficient lighting technologies. That’s what makes the combination of solar power and LED lighting one that has been gaining so much attention. Because LED lighting requires far less energy than any lighting source that has been used previously, it doesn’t require overwhelming amounts of solar power.


Making the switch to solar power and LED lighting is definitely an investment, but moving toward a sustainable and efficient energy future doesn’t come without a price tag. When it comes to curbing our consumption in efficient and sustainable ways, solar power and LED is definitely an option worth considering.


About the Author: Stephanie Sundheimer writes on behalf of an LED lighting manufacturer based in Michigan. EMP LED Lighting provides Departments of Transportation nationwide with energy efficient lighting solutions for roadways, parking lots and interstates.
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