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Solar Lamp Post Lights: Forgotten Commercial Solar Lights

SEPCO 10/23/12 9:30 AM
Solar Lamp Post Lights

Solar Lamp Post Light for TCUU


Residences are the primary users of lamp post lights; however, some other areas are starting to implement these types of systems more often for commerical use. These lights are generally controlled by either a photo sensor or a switch and operate only partial nights unless required by the project that they are illuminated all night. These lights provide additional safety by lighting a small area, typically in the front yard of a home, at entrances to buildings or commerical facilities, walkways along a building, city round about applications, and so much more.


Lamp post lights can be used for lighting of small roundabouts or traffic circles. These provide additional lighting that typically does not support the infrastructure of standard electric. The lamp post solar lights provide enough lighting for traffic to see other vehicles or obstructions in the traffic circle. This was used in the project shown below since the roundabout was a new addition and the city wanted to ensure there wouldn't be any issues with this new change in traffic pattern. 


Lamp Post Solar Lights Port Salerno


Solar lighting for lamp posts has also been used in front of buildings in the roundabouts or entrances for pedestrian paths as well as drop offs. The light fixtures provide a more decorative and architecturally blended fixture compared to most industrial fixtures. Like the project shown below, DePaul University used the decorative post top fixtures in their quad areas around campus. These had central solar power stations to illuminate multiple poles in the area. 




New light post fixtures are providing high powered lighting using LED technology while keeping in with the standard decorative styling. Multiple styles include coach, acorn and globe fixtures to intricate scrollwork fixtures and modern looking slide fixtures. All fixtures can easily be powered by solar either on the same pole or multiple fixtures on a central power station that can be blended into the surrounding landscape.


Traditional solar lamp posts can come from many different companies; however, we are discussing commercially designed solar lamp post lights. These commercial systems are designed to meet the requirement of the power consumption and lighting and use a separate solar power assembly and no integrated panels in fixture heads as these are not designed to meet any requirements.


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