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Small Solar Power and Lighting System Options

SEPCO 8/22/18 10:00 AM
Small Solar Power and Lighting CBU Charging Station

There are many different ways that solar power can be utilized for small power and lighting applications. These smaller systems provide enough power to generate the needed power to operate a small piece of equipment while having a low profile design while still being sized to operate properly. Here are a few of our projects that use small solar power and lighting system installations.


California State Solar Charging Stations

CSU Charging Station


California State University worked with SEPCO to develop a simple solar solution for integrating solar charging stations in pavilions around the campus. These small solar power assemblies roof mount to allow for solar collection during the day and storage in the battery system to ensure charging capabilities at night as well as daytime operation.


Coconut Creek Bus Stop Lights

Coconut Creek Solar Bus Stop Lights


The City of Coconut Creek uses our solar bus stop lights as they need a reliable dusk to dawn solution to provide adequate lighting for their transit customers. The lights are small in design, but put out a lot of illumination to the area of installation. This ensures that transit drivers see the people waiting to get on and ensure the safety of all passengers while they wait.


Arlington Heights Banner Lights

Arlington Heights Solar Banner Lights


The City of Arlington Heights uses small solar power systems mounted to the top of large banner poles to illuminate the banners at night. This allows for their banners to be visible when activity is high in the downtown areas and then shut off after a certain period of time when activity decreases. These are completely powder coated systems to visually integrate into the pole and surrounding architecture.


29 Palms Crossing Flashers

29 Palms Solar Warning Flashers


29 Palms uses solar warning flashers at crossings around the base to ensure the safety of all travelers. The small solar power assembly allows the single flasher to operate 24/7 to allow people traveling down the main roadway to see that there could be obstacles in the area by either pedestrian crossings, or even tank crossings.


Those are just a couple examples of how small solar power systems can pack a big punch. What other small system applications have you seen in stalled? In what other ways do you see small solar power systems being used to operate a device or light for a larger purpose? Let us know in the comments below.


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