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Solar Powered Landscape Lights for Wawa in Parkland FL

on 1/16/18 10:00 AM By | SEPCO | 2 Comments | Solar Lighting LED Lighting Landscape Lighting
  SEPCO recently completed a project in Parkland FL for a newly constructed Wawa gas station to provide solar landscape lighting for the perimeter of the property. The systems feature multiple single 275 Watt solar power assemblies powering three or five ARF flood fixtures per system to operate all night, dusk to dawn.
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4 Spectacular Applications for Solar Spot Lights

Solar spot lights use smaller systems to provide lighting in areas where it is difficult to get power. There are many spectacular applications where solar spot lights can be used to provide great lighting. From flags, small signs, security area, and landscape lighting, solar spot lights can be a great way to showcase your application without the cost of trenching in power and using the reliable green source of solar.
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Integrating Solar Landscape Flood Lights with Solar Sign Lights

on 8/30/16 10:00 AM By | SEPCO | 1 Comment | Landscape Lighting Solar Lighting Design Sign Lighting
  There are times where signs are installed with landscaping around the sign. Integrating solar landscape flood lights with the solar sign lights is a way to showcase landscapes at night. This is an easy addition and can be sized within the same power assembly as the sign light.  
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Adding Atmosphere to the Outdoors with Solar Powered Landscape Lights 

on 8/17/15 10:00 AM By | SEPCO | 1 Comment | Solar Lighting Landscape Lighting
  A recent project completed using a SEPCO solar power assembly to power multiple small LED landscape light fixtures to provide enough power to illuminate a small area all night. These lights can be used for tree up lighting, lighting small landscape features like a pond or statue, lights along a pathway and so many other applications. Solar powered landscape lights can easily adapt to these types of applications.
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Solar Bollard Lighting for Parks and Pathways

on 7/29/14 9:30 AM By | SEPCO | 2 Comments | Solar Lighting Landscape Lighting Pathway Lighting
  Bollards are used as along pathways and around parks to provide perimeter markings. They can range from concrete or steel posts to intricate decorative posts, all typically standing between 3’ and 5’ tall. Lighted bollards can provide additional features such as lighting the area at night to provide added visibility to pedestrians while marking the boundary of an area from a distance.
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Eagle Scout Honors Veterans Lighting Freedom Rock at Night with Solar

on 5/22/14 9:30 AM By | SEPCO | 0 Comments | Solar Lighting LED Lighting Landscape Lighting
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Make your Landscape Green with Solar Power

on 7/25/13 9:30 AM By | SEPCO | 4 Comments | Solar Lighting Green Ideas LED Lighting Landscape Lighting
  I came across this great article last week Greening Your Landscape with Solar Power and wanted to share it with you as it was full of great information. It provided information on all types of solar equipment you can use for your landscaping needs.
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Illuminate Your Yard with Landscape Lighting

on 5/7/13 9:30 AM By | SEPCO | 1 Comment | Guest Post Landscape Lighting
During the day, your flower beds, blooming bushes, and bird baths, all gorgeous parts of your yard, are showcased by the sun. However, come evening, a little electrical assistance may be necessary to give your yard the attention it deserves. Enter landscape lighting.
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Solar Bollard Lights: Forgotten Commercial Solar Lights

on 10/11/12 9:30 AM By | SEPCO | 1 Comment | Solar Lighting Landscape Lighting Pathway Lighting
  Bollard lights are popular in pathway and walkway applications that require low level lighting along a narrow area. These too can be powered by solar panels when traditional power isn't available. Large panel assemblies can power multiple fixtures with the solar power assemblies being fit into the surrounding landscaping, or there are solar bollard fixtures that have the solar panels fit into the top of the bollard. There are two major differences between these two applications; larger solar means higher powered lighting and smaller, built in solar panels provide lower power lighting.
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Solar Lights for Your Community

With the many communities being developed all around there are steps the individuals living within the community can get together to have implemented, either at the beginning stages or years after the development is completed. Talking to the contractors and community board to show them the savings both environmentally and financially will have a great impact on many decisions. Here are a few things that can be changed over to renewable energy to lower cost and reduce the overall environmental impact.
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