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What Are The Benefits Of Installing Solar Bollards?

SEPCO 4/14/21 10:00 AM
Installing Solar Bollards

With technological developments on the rise, the increased popularity and advancements of solar bollards are a milestone. The lights use highly efficient solar energy and offer an alternative source of energy. Installing solar-powered bollards does not only enhances safety but also contributes to making the Earth greener. Moreover, the cut back on the electrical costs is a huge benefit.


What are the advantages of using solar bollards? 

There are multiple benefits that explain why using solar bollards is an excellent idea. Check out the advantages cited here and make the technologically superior decision with ease.


Impact on the environment 

Without the use of electricity, the carbon footprint of solar bollards is relatively low. It means that using these can decrease the environmental impact.


Moreover, it can also help in supporting the local economy.


Furthermore, most of the parts can be recycled with ease. The sustainable way of improving light makes these bollards much more attractive.


Saves a considerable amount of money 

The cost of installing solar bollards is much less when compared to wired ones. Here, you can save a significant amount of money during the installation as there is no need for trenching or electrical design.


There is even an opportunity to save more than 50% of the installation costs since you don't have to bring in the grid power long distances and through landscapes and hardscapes.


Moreover, these solar bollards need minimal maintenance, maybe only once per five years or so. You can save a considerable amount there too.


Usage of smart technology 

Different solar bollards use a wide range of technologies to offer maximum efficiency. With the assistance of a controller, the system can adjust the lighting accordingly depending on the time of night, the activity of the area, and many other requirements.


Furthermore, it also ensures that there is optimal lighting for different environmental conditions. If in a high ambient light area, higher intensities are used; however, more rural areas can have a much lower intensity light and achieve the same visibility. 


Lasts for a long period of time 

The resistant material used to build the solar bollards attribute to its durability. In most cases, these bollards are made up of die-cast aluminum. With this combination, the bollard can withstand extreme environmental conditions including marine areas. Moreover, the use of extremely durable, architectural grade powder coatings can also contribute to longevity.


Furthermore, the solar bollards also display resistance against vandalism as they are being designed to have more strength using extra-thick components and connections with the ground that is stronger to withstand more force. 


Does not disrupt the landscape 

There are solar bollards that have an integrated solar panel and are considered an all-in-one unit. Other solar bollards, such as the ones we design, have a larger solar power assembly to operate multiple bollards. Both of these setups can be self-sufficient and can perform with enhanced efficiency. There is no need to dig trenches to bring in high-powered grid energy since the lights are all low voltage DC. 


Fewer risks of accident 

The lack of external wires reduces the chances of anyone being electrocuted by any open lines or causing any accidents. Hence, the installation of solar bollards is relatively safe.


Immune to power outages 

Due to the independent source of electric power, the solar bollards function even when there are power outages. It means disruption of the power supply lines does not interfere with the functioning of the bollards. These are perfect for areas that are prone to power outages.


Gone are the days where only an electrical power source was available. Now, you can use renewable solar energy and utilize to light up your garden, pathways, or parking space. However, there are different brands that sell solar bollards. Check out their features and opt for the one that offers the best deal within your pre-set budget! 


About the Author: Emma Smith is an experienced and professional blogger. Writing an article on different topics is her passion and hobby. She loves to write blogs on various topics, like home improvement, business, automotive, Lifestyle, Event, Health, etc.