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Turtle Friendly Solar Lights Keep Nesting Turtles Safe

Posted by SEPCO on 8/30/11 9:30 AM

Lights near nesting turtles can make a good thing go bad quickly. Installing turtle friendly lights in those areas can increase the safety and security of the turtles, both parents laying the eggs and babies when they hatch. This is because turtles can't see the amber glow of special lamps used for these types of projects. SEPCO has completed two projects recently in partnership with Beacon Products to do exactly that.

City of Bradenton Turtle Friendly Solar Lights

The City of Bradenton Beach needed to install new lights to lower utility costs and still be turtle friendly. The installation replaced 100 Watt high pressure sodium street lights along the city's main streets with solar powered LED lights using only 17 Watts per lumiare. Just replacing the lights with LED's would lower the utility costs, but by powering the lights by solar they will have no utility cost and save thousands of pounds of carbon emissions.

Coastal City Turtle Friendly Solar Light

Another coastal city installed the same type of solar lights along the main road just off the beach. The lights shine mostly on the sidewalk for the neighborhood residences to walk around safely at night, but also help protect the baby turtles hatching on the beaches nearby. The solar lights were also less expensive than trenching for standard electrical lights.

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