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Solar Power for Remote Restroom Lighting

Posted by SEPCO | 5/29/12 8:30 AM

Solar Light for Restroom Facility NPS


Remote restrooms facilities are a perfect application for solar lighting solutions. These restrooms are often located in the middle of a large campground or state/federal park. Often, the electrical grid is not available in these remote locations. Solar lighting can be used at the restroom location without the need of the electrical grid. Solar panels produce their own electrical energy that is stored in batteries which are used to power the lights at night.


Lighting is needed for remote restroom buildings for both convenience and security purposes.  Exterior lighting can be used to help visitors located the buildings at night. Interior lighting is utilized by people using the facilities. The lighting also includes the added benefit of deterring nighttime vandalism which sometimes becomes a problem at these locations.


NPS Solar Illuminated Restroom Facility


There are several options for mounting the solar power assemblies. The solar panels can either be mounted onto the roof of the building or onto a pole separate from the building. The batteries and control electronics can be mounted with the solar on the building or pole. The battery assembly can also be located inside the building.


The exterior lighting would normally be run from dusk to dawn or from dusk for a certain number of hours every night. The interior restroom lighting is normally run on an as needed basis. This can be accomplished using either a motion sensor inside the restroom or a spring-loaded timer that will run the lights for a set amount of time after a user activates them. The lights can either be set to be ready to activate 24/7 or only at night if natural outside light is allowed to enter the restroom.


Solar lighting provides the necessary combination of availability, performance, convenience, and security for all remote restroom facility needs.


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