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Solar Lighting and Off-Grid Solar Power

SEPCO 9/6/16 10:00 AM
Off-Grid Solar Power System for Camera

Most people are familiar with solar panels to power a home or building, or used to heat water, but many people overlook the multitude of other uses for solar. Solar can be used to light up a pathway, light up the building’s parking lot, or even be used to light entire streets and highways. Each light can be powered by a single solar array or you can string multiple lights together and run them on a single larger solar array. Whatever the application or need, solar can be used to power it.


Solar power systems also are used to power just about anything. There are more and more DC powered appliances and devices coming on the market every day that can be powered directly off the solar power assembly, or by using and inverter, AC equipment can be powered.

Off-Grid Solar Power

Off-Grid Solar Power System for Camera


Solar can also be used to power devices such as cameras, WiFi systems, and other devices. These devices can stand alone from the regular power grid, or be integrated with the grid as a backup system.


A good example is using cameras at a construction site while the property is not being worked on for monitoring to deter theft. Once the project is completed, the cameras can be moved to the next location or left for the new property owners.

Solar Lighting

Hilo Hawaii Solar Lighting for Parking Lot


Solar lighting has many applications as well. Parking lots, roadways, signs, billboards, practically everything can be lit up using solar power. The solar lights can be a green alternative to new lighting projects or retrofitted into existing lighting applications to reduce power consumption and cost.


Solar lighting systems can be customized to the customer’s desired lighting levels and fixture requirements. Standard Cobrahead fixtures to architecturally designed fixtures all can be retrofitted to utilize solar energy and provide the lighting required for just about any application.


For the next project you may come across, look into utilizing solar to power the need. No matter what the application, there is always a green alternative that will not only help the earth, but will also provide a free solution for many years.


Solar Lighting to Save Money CTA

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in August 2011 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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