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Illuminated Signs with Solar Lights For Advertising And Marketing

SEPCO 12/4/12 9:30 AM
Solar Sign Lights

Solar Sign Lighting Golden Sands


Solar powered signs are being introduced at businesses, schools, hospitals and governmental office across the country as a way to advertise and market services. The signs are standard signs but are illuminated by solar lights to create an attractive and functional mechanism to get a message out. The signs combine solar power with current sign building techniques, therefore requiring no special modification to existing signs. The solar panel and light can either be mounted on the top of the sign or can be located a short distance from the sign. The solar panel harnesses solar energy during the day then provides the energy required to operate the solar lights that then illuminates the sign after dark. 

The biggest cost saver; the sign does not require the infrastructure that is takes to connect to electric lines as a power source. These sun-charged illuminated signs are quickly gaining in popularity. This can be explained by the economical benefits of the energy savings realized by not paying into the grid. There are also associated practical benefits. These types of signs can be used in remotes spots where grid connection can be complicated and expensive. Solar panels can solve this problem. For example, remote sections of parking lots can be illuminated to provide better security.


Solar Sign LightingThe solar sign lights can also be utilized for many other purposes including advertising and marketing. They could be used to illuminate signs at schools or municipal buildings to announce upcoming events past regular hours. The signs can even be used by a Realtor to give an edge over competition by illuminating a sign to advertise a house for sale beyond normal daylight hours.


The utilization of sun as an energy source is also important marketing signal to potential businesses or clients. Its shows an entity's willingness to start taking responsibility for their energy footprint. By putting the sun to work for you by utilizing solar energy represents a sustainable and renewable energy commitment from your organization and your customers will be appreciative.


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