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Solar Powered Internal LED Sign Lighting Systems

SEPCO 1/22/20 10:29 AM
Solar Powered Internal LED Sign Lighting Systems

Signs often are installed in areas where the power grid is unavailable; however, with SEPCO solar lighting solutions, we can provide the power to the sign cabinet in almost any location. The remote solar power assembly charges during the day to operate the sign cabinet lighting at night. The solar powered internal LED sign lighting systems can be installed in any sunny location and are sized according to the power consumption of the LEDs inside the cabinet, the local solar insolation, and the operation profile required by the customer.


SEPCO works with sign manufacturers to help determine the best way to illuminate a sign cabinet, determining how many LEDs inside the cabinet is going to be used, and what the operation requirement is going to be. Since the power is finite, taking into account every design detail is our mission to make sure you get a sign that is well illuminated at night and has plenty of energy and storage to last for years to come.


South-Texas-Medical- internally illuminated overhead sign


The grid-free solar solution for your sign cabinet comes ready to install and operates the LEDs directly from the DC power provided by the system. Best of all, there is zero electric bill and the system is practically maintenance-free.


SEPCO has tested multiple LED modules for internal LED sign lighting systems and understand the requirements for operating the modules efficiently. Most LED modules on the market today do not handle fluctuations in the power that is provided by the batteries; however, by implementing a DC to DC converter, a straight 12 or 24 VDC is held to the LED modules. This makes sure there is no fluctuation causing the LEDs themselves to run hotter or cooler depending on the battery voltage.


Pinedale WY Entrance Sign Solar Powered


LED wattage range from 7 Watts to 110 Watts for most dusk to dawn applications, higher wattages available with split time or dusk activated for x number of hours, depending on system installation location. Depending on the installation location, wattage adjustments can be worked on with the sign manufacturer by changing brand of LED modules to a more efficient module or removing and respacing the modules slightly to reduce power consumption to fit inside the scope of solar.


So next time you are looking to install an internally illuminated sign and don’t have a power source, consider solar as a great option. If sized properly, will last for years and provide plenty of backup for keeping your sign shining bright. Not ready now, check out some of our solar sign lighting projects for some inspiration.


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