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Eco-Friendly Building with Solar Powered Parking Lot Lights

SEPCO 8/3/15 10:00 AM
Eco-Friendly Building with Solar Powered Parking Lot Lights

Looking to build a new place of business or take over an existing building that has no lighting available? Well, there is something you can do that will keep costs low, provide a sustainable option, and the installation will preserve the already installed structures. What more could you ask for?


Solar-powered parking lot lights can be installed even on an already existing parking lot since all the wiring and electricity needed is located at the top of the pole. There is no need to rip up the existing parking area to bring in outside electricity, just set the pole, put the solar power assembly at the top with the solar light fixture below, and wait for the dark. The light will automatically come on at dusk and run the scheduled operation schedule the end-user requires. 


Since no trenching of existing parking lot infrastructure is required, the solar will save on costs of installation as well as provide a zero cost to the electric bill of the facility. This makes solar the go-to option for many existing parking lots that have older cables that are starting to fail. The solar will also provide LEED points for companies looking for that green solution. 


Don’t want standard parking lot fixtures? That’s fine. With solar-powered LED light fixtures, there are many options available today. Decorative-style solar light fixtures can be used to provide architectural fixtures that work well with the surrounding area. By utilizing similar, or even the exact same LED boards in some cases, the decorative fixtures can provide the same lighting levels as the standard commercial-style fixtures. This provides many more options for meeting the architectural and aesthetic requirements of the area. 


These fixtures can also provide directional lighting for less light pollution, better visibility, and more even lighting levels, and many are even dark-sky certified, meaning the light does not trespass upward into the sky. Non-dark-sky-certified lights provide a lot of wasted light and energy, costing more in the long run and harming the environment as well. 


What about building perimeters, you ask? Solar lights can do that as well. There are wall-mounted fixtures that can have the solar mounted on the wall or roof of the building. One solar power system can even provide power to multiple fixtures or even the lighted sign on the building. There are many options with perimeter lighting systems, including the style of solar light fixtures ranging from standard wall packs to larger flood lights. These lights can operate the same as the parking lot areas or on a separate schedule since they are independent of the rest of the light systems installed.


Finally, if you don’t want to pay a power company to power your lights, solar is a great option. Since solar power is renewable and doesn’t cost anything, there are no additional costs to companies who utilize solar for their parking lots. Ask for an ROI analysis from your provider to find out how much you can actually save. You may be amazed at the results.