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Key Advantages of Parking Lot Solar Street Lights

SEPCO 2/7/23 8:43 AM
Advantages of Parking Lot Solar Street Lights | SEPCO
Key Advantages of Parking Lot Solar Street Lights

On an apples-to-apples comparison, solar street lighting is one of the best options available for any parking lot design or renovation. Parking lots are often large areas that need consist of coverage, smart energy monitoring, and enhanced security— all of which solar LED lights can provide. At SEPCO, we are one of the only domestic manufacturers of parking lot solar lighting systems in the USA and offer a wide range of options to illuminate your commercial spaces effectively.


Easy Installation

Solar-powered parking lot light installations are simple and easy. A key point in our designs is to reduce the number of components required for any design. Then when it comes to effective lighting coverage, parking lots solar light installations are less expensive than standard lighting for the same amount of area covered. On top of that, all SEPCO designs can include a power supply that bests suits the local area and weather forecasts of your region.


Lower Energy Costs

The maintenance costs of street solar lights for parking lots are less than those for standard lighting connected to the electrical grid. In addition, solar parking walk lights will not consume any power or increase your consumption of energy over time, saving you a significant amount of money each year on energy bills.

Sometimes there are also citywide or statewide financing options available to help businesses make the switch to solar energy.


Increased Safety and Security

Solar powered parking lot lights are effective at deterring crime against people and property. This type of lighting can continue operating even when there is a power outage, which also enhances security.


Parking lots and other nearby portions of the premises of a business should be illuminated with solar lighting fixtures, which can effectively eliminate areas all throughout the night, enabling people to view any activity occurring around parked vehicles and other portions adjacent to the area. These lights are highly effective at providing a comfortable environment for individuals walking to their vehicles in the evening and at night.


To learn about the solar street lights we offer for design and manufacturing, call us at 772.220.6615 or reach us through our online form to request a quote.