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Solar LED Parking Lot Lighting for Residential Areas

SEPCO 2/1/21 10:00 AM
Solar LED Parking Lot Lighting for Residential Areas
Solar LED Parking Lot Lighting for Residential Areas

Most of the time, when you think of commercial solar lighting systems, you think a commercial installation such as a business park, city roadway, etc. However, these lights can also be setup to provide lighting for applications such as residential parking lots for apartments and condos. The lights will provide safety and security for residents and visitors to the area while saving the association or management company money in utilities.


Solar LED parking lot lighting systems can be installed after the area is fully developed, which is great for developments that forgot to install some lighting or found that the area is a lot darker than expected. Solar lighting can be a great way to bring light to an area as an after thought without disturbing the completely developed area.


Most LED fixtures now are also available with little to no backlight and uplight. This helps with dark sky ordinances and helps keep from wasting energy lighting the sky. This is also great for residences because there is no light going into windows at night with cutoff options, backlight controls, shields, and task-specific lighting. The BUG rating should be available from the manufacturer, and by doing a site analysis, the overflow of light can be reduced as to not disturb people in their homes.


Solar can also be a great way to illuminate a dark area that was missed in the original design. Or when there is an expansion at a later time and extending the grid power is not cost feasible. Solar can help fill that gap by providing a self-sustaining power source where everything is mounted to a single pole.


The solar LED parking lot lights can also easily adapt to remote areas such as a playground or walking trail in a residential community. These lights can be mounted at a lower mounting height and operate at full during the early nighttime or mornings for people on various schedules. They can also stay illuminated at a lower output throughout the night to provide visibility for safety.


Adapting the same style of light around various projects at a single site makes sure that you have uniformity of the aesthetics. Having the systems match the design of the area, from industrial style to decorative style solar lighting systems, a commercially designed system will show off for years to come.