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Brighten Your Advertisement with Solar Billboard Light Design

SEPCO 5/1/14 9:30 AM
Brighten Your Advertisement with Solar Billboard Light Design

Billboards are a great way to advertise your business for travelers on highways. But if your billboards aren’t lit at night, there are missed business opportunities. Lighting these billboards can provide advertisement and information for nighttime travelers and a great way to showcase your business, even after hours. There are design options to take into consideration with every billboard to make sure that your billboard stands out.


Billboards typically need one fixture per 10-12’ billboard width. The type of fixture required needs to be a bright floodlight with a wide distribution pattern. The LEDs need to have a good spread of light so as not to make bright glary spots in the middle and dim on the edges. We would suggest using something like a high output flood fixture with a large spread such as the NEMA 4 x 4 or NEMA 6 x 6 distribution patterns.


Power is one of the most difficult things to get out to a billboard as a lot of them are located in remote areas. Using a solar billboard light design can provide power to the light fixtures with much less cost than trenching out the grid power. The solar power can provide enough power to light the fixtures all night, or turn off after a certain number of hours and back on before dawn during peak traffic times.


Having the lights shut off for a few hours during the middle of the night when there is little traffic will reduce the size of solar power and battery assembly required to power the lights; therefore, reducing the overall cost of the system. Sometimes multiple systems are required, each one powering a set number of fixtures, depending on the installation location and operation requirements.


The solar power assembly can be mounted to the top of the billboard and power the fixtures mounted in front along the catwalk using a rigid conduit or some other mounting setup. The solar can even be sized to provide enough power to do a double-sided billboard so that your information doesn’t miss anyone traveling in either direction. 


Ready to see how solar can brighten up your billboard? Reach out to us for a quote or check out our design guide below. 


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